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Zola Suite Brings ePayments In-house with APX Integration

Zola Suite is an all-in-one law practice management platform. It seeks to bring functionality in-house rather than integrating with third parties, making information control more seamless. So when Zola sought to integrate ePayments into its platform, it makes sense that they built it in with Abacus Payment Exchange (APX).

Zola Suite ePayments

AbacusNext, the parent company of Zola Suite, announced earlier this year that it was producing payment processor APX. This platform, according to the company, would benefit AbacusCloud, Amicus Attorney, Zola Suite, and OfficeTools, their child companies.

This allows Zola Suite to integrate a payment solution directly into the law practice management platform. Users no longer have to rely on a third-party platform to sync their ePayments. This makes pricing more transparent and simplifies Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for users.

More importantly, for the users, it means that ePayment information is accessible from Zola Suite’s reporting platform. Billing, invoicing, payment, and client information can all be accessed with business analysis reports. And, since accounting is built-in as well, this means that all of a law firm’s financial information is in one place.

How to Get It

Want to learn more about Zola Suite? Check out our full review, where you can get user feedback, compare features, and see more demo videos. If you’re eager to jump right in, though, you can go straight to ZolaSuite.com and get a free demo.

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