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Ziliqa (ZIL) Soars 49%, Here’s What Protocol Is Doing Differently


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Godfrey Benjamin

Ziliqa (ZIL) prints 30-day high as community anticipates effects of these milestones

Ziliqa (ZIL) has proven to be a high flyer in the digital currency ecosystem today with its price recording a massive growth rate of 49.96% to $0.02646 over the past 24 hours. For Ziliqa, its battery goes beyond the current bear market, and the ongoing price surge can be seen as a significant payback for the token’s long-term investors.

Ziliqa is now trading at a 90.24% discount from its all-time high (ATH) of $0.2563. The dormancy that ZIL as a token has experienced over recent years is not just a function of the broader market gloom but the result of more competitive development activity that has pushed users to other protocols.

Riding on its primary design as a public, permissionless blockchain that is designed to offer high throughput with the ability to complete thousands of transactions per second, the Ziliqa team is now choosing to do things differently.

As announced in a recent blog post, Ziliqa revealed plans to bring some significant upgrades that can fuel the enhanced inclusivity of the ecosystem as a whole.

Ziliqa’s projected enhancements

Among the primary enhancements it unveiled is the launch of EVM compatibility on testnet. With this EVM compatibility, Ziliqa said it will allow everyone within its ecosystem to connect with other EVM-compatible chains across various blockchain networks, a move that has been activated by other blockchain networks like Cardano. This move will notably transform the Ziliqa blockchain from a closed system to an open and functional one.

Ziliqa also revealed the launch of Avely Finance, a liquid staking protocol built on its blockchain. In addition, Token Traxx, a Web 3.0 music start-up, announced support for Ziliqa, while MetaMask also added support for the protocol.

These milestones are significant as they will generally bring more value to the blockchain, thus helping to boost the utility and growth tracks of the ZIL coin.


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