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XRPL’s Most Active Project Announces Maladroids, Fall Guys-like Game with Rewards in XRP


onXRP, a modular system built on the XRP Ledger basis, yesterday presented its latest novelty, play-to-earn game Maladroids. What looks like something similar to another extremely popular arcade game, Fall Guys, is a game where players, controlling droids, compete in speed and agility. The winner is the one who gets to the finish line the fastest.

However, that’s not all. The game provides a system of rewards, nominated in the native tokens of the onXRP platform, XRP and OXP. Before the start of each game, players can put their tokens into staking, and whoever gets to the finish line first gets the entire pool.

Is sky the limit for onXRP?

The release of Maladroids is a great addition to the rapid emergence of the onXRP ecosystem. The latter can already be called the most actively developing project XRP Ledger, which is especially evident in recent months. onXRP (OXP) is expanding by leaps and bounds, having recently obtained its first listing on BitMart, a major centralized exchange, and then a couple of weeks later announcing an advanced partnership with Avalanche blockchain, which includes building an XRPL-AVAX bridge and launching a joint onAVAX cross-chain platform.

If Maladroids can become a full-fledged crypto analog of Fall Guys, which is played by millions of players around the world, onXRP and XRPL as a whole will see an exponential increase in their user base. Given the rewards mechanics using XRP and OXP tokens, the possibilities that are opening up for the entire XRPL ecosystem are immense.


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