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XRPL Core Server Rippled Just Got New Update: Details


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Gamza Khanzadaev

Rippled update mainly fixes NFT issues but also brings overall improvements to XRP Ledger protocol

The official XRPL blog has announced an update to the XRP Ledger protocol’s core server, Rippled. The update affected a number of bugs, including NFT code tweaks, as well as overall improvements like a new API method for orderbooks or less noisy logging.

Rippled version 1.9.2 fixes issues identified by developers and server operators and adds a vote to support XLS-20 activation, which can bring built-in NFT support to XRPL, offering access to NFT minting, trading and burning features.

The release of the update is provided in two new amendments to the protocol. Both of the amendments are open for a vote and will be enabled if they manage to get more than 80% of positive votes in the next two weeks.

XRP v. SEC case does not affect XRPL

It seems that the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC does not affect the work of XRPL in any way. The ecosystem is living its best life: developers are constantly updating old and releasing new projects, and concepts built on the basis of XRP Ledger already go beyond the infrastructure of the protocol. The onXRP (OXP), Sologenic (SOLO) and Xumm Wallet projects alone have already pleasantly surprised the crypto community.


Of course, the unclear status of XRP weighs on the overall favorable picture and especially the exchange rate of the token. Nevertheless, it seems that the ongoing process of developing and building might be able to continue to outweigh the negative itching of the U.S. regulator in the background.


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