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XRP Ledger Platforms This Luxury Brand’s NFTs During Paris Fashion Week


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Gamza Khanzadaev

XRP Ledger powers Balmain NFTs during Paris Fashion Week thanks to this partnership

At the forthcoming Paris Fashion Week, the luxury fashion house Balmain will present its NFT membership collection alongside its new clothes show. What makes these NFT creations special is that the basis for their creation is XRP Ledger, chosen by Balmain’s developer and partner, MINTNFT.

The membership program, whose full name is “The Balmain Thread,” was created by MINTNFT on XRP Ledger for a reason. According to the text of the press release, it was important that the platform for creating the NFT be carbon neutral and eco-friendly, for which XRPL’s capabilities were perfectly suited. This was certainly important for Balmain as well, given the latest trends in the fashion world that focus on sustainability, environmental, social and corporate responsibility.

A total of 10,000 Balmain NFT memberships will be available. Their holders will be able to gain access to real and virtual events from the fashion house, rewards, as well as achieving greater immersion in Balmain life.

Fashion world loves Web3 technology

News of Balmain’s breakthrough Web3 via NFT at XRPL is far from the only event bringing together new digital technologies and the fashion world lately.


In the past few months, a host of other luxury brands, whether Gucci or Tag Heuer, have announced that they are starting to accept cryptocurrencies as a way to pay for their products.

Speaking of NFT, it is not an old story when fashion designer John Richmond co-launched his collection inspired by super-hyped cryptocurrency Shiba Inu at Milan Fashion Week with a virtual asset-themed collection.


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