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World’s Largest Tequila Brands Dive Deeper into NFTs and Metaverse


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Alex Dovbnya

World’s largest tequila brand plans to expand footing in Metaverse, according to most recent trademark applications

Jose Cuervo, the world’s best-selling brand of tequila, plans to further explore the Metaverse.

According to a tweet posted by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, the company has filed several trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for multimedia based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital asset marketplaces, virtual restaurants and bars, virtual food, drinks and apparel, as well as virtual distilleries.

In late March, Jose Cuervo announced that it would open the very first-of-its-kind distillery in Decentraland, a 3D virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The project eventually went live last week with Jose Cuervo merch and Decentraland wearables. The “metadistillery” also has drink mixing challenges and other interactive games for users who are of legal drinking age.

It partnered with several designers and digital experience experts in order to bring its distillery to the Metaverse. Users can also learn more about blue agave, a plant whose ingredients play an important role in the production of tequila. The Aztecs valued and worshiped the leaves of the plant since they believed that it was a gift from gods.

The company, which continues to operate the oldest distillery in Latin America, accounts for a fifth of the tequila consumed around the globe.

As reported by U.Today, legendary brewing company Anheuser-Busch also filed several Metaverse-related trademark applications back in April. This came after the company launched the first collection of virtual beer cans under the Bud Light brand in late 2021. In March, Dutch brewing behemoth Heineken also introduced alcohol-free beer with purified pixels.


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