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World Ocean Day: The Ocean’s Power to Help


“Two of Treadright’s major projects, announced in 2021, are marine based carbon removal solutions, chosen for the way they support Contiki’s wider Climate Action Plan. As a major travel group, climate change is a critical issue – both for the way travel contributes, and for the myriad of developing solutions.

GreenWave – Regenerative Ocean Farming (Connecticut, USA)

GreenWave is a regenerative ocean farming organisation studying how kelp can be added to soil to increase its carbon storage potential while decreasing harmful nitrous oxide emissions on regenerative land farms.

This project aims to prove zero input farming has numerous benefits. Actor and activist Woody Harrelson agrees: regenerative agriculture is “a simple solution—a way to heal our planet” (Kiss the Ground, 2020).

Project Vesta – Using Olivine to Reverse Climate Change

Project Vesta’s mission is to harness the power of the oceans to remove a trillion tonnes of excess carbon from the atmosphere. Project Vesta will do this by taking olivine, a readily available green volcanic mineral, and placing it on the beach. Here, wave action will speed up the carbon dioxide capture process and de-acidify the ocean. It’s both a highly affordable and scalable solution to addressing climate change.

These projects, which harness the power of the ocean to ultimately benefit people, wildlife and our planet’s future, show us the solutions we require already exist, provided to us by nature. I call on governments and businesses worldwide to seek out these solutions and help them scale so we may all benefit.”


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