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Wisdom – Live In The Present.


I don’t know who among you needs to hear this today; but, I do. We all go through rough patches, in which we find ourselves worrying about something that happened in the past, or about what we expect may happen in the future. Intellectually, we know that this is useless thinking; but, sometimes, it is tough to disengage. In any event, concentrate on what is happening right now. What are you doing right now. How can you find joy and contentment right now. The rest is useless. The hardest thing for me is to remember the death, anguish and mistakes of the past, and to dwell on them. Or, to worry about the future, and to become anxious and fearful with worry. Both activities are totally irrational and useless. Just stop it. Right now I am at my desk on a Saturday, waiting to enjoy playoff football, and time with my current love. Nothing from the past or future can touch me. How great is that? Laotzu



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