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WINNING.I’s contactless mobile fingerprint authentication solution ‘AEROX Finger v3.0’, selected as a “Superior R&D Innovation Product” by South Korean Government


Date: South Korea (Seoul) July 20th, 2022

Contactless Mobile Biometrics Software maker, WINNING.I announced that their Biometrics Solution ‘AEROX Finger v3.0’ has been selected as a “Superior R&D Innovation Product” by Korean Gov. ministry (MSS; The Ministry of SMEs and Startups).

Superior R&D Innovation product is the selected, certified and appreciated product from multiple ministry departments of South Korean government for its publicity and innovativeness. The selected product will be registered to Korean governmental digital service tender market (Innovation market) after reviewing from Tender procurement policy committee, under Ministry of Strategy and Finance. And the selected product has privilege of ‘Private contract with governmental institution’, not open tender.

Aerox Finger v3.0, newly selected solution is software type fingerprint technology, using mobile device’s rear camera to capture and authenticate the fingerprint. Therefore users can be free from hardware and sensor.

Traditional biometric device for authentication has weakness of maintenance, device cost and matching rate shall be affected by user’s skin condition. Especially under the Pandemic situation like Covid-19 or Monkey Pox, touching public device to use biometric service can cause unhygienic results.

However, ‘Aerox Finger v3.0’, is not requiring any other additional device but everybody’s mobile device. And since it is S/W solution, maintenance and implementation cost is very reasonable. Contactless capturing and less interruption from skin condition like wet or dirt compared to touch type device is also its strong point.

The solution maker WINNING.I Biometrics, was established in 2015 and supplying their own contactless biometrics technology to financials like banks, securities, insurers and governmental institutions domestically and globally.

Dylan Park, Foreign Sales Manager at WINNING.I Biometrics said that they will expand more to global B2G market with Korean digital government references.


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