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#WhyIAmASolo – Nobody Can Make Me Retire.

5 Reasons Lawyers Avoid Retirement. I got a kick out of this article, which claims to know why lawyers avoid retirement. Let’s examine them:

  1. Loss of identity
  2. Reluctance to leave
  3. Fears about transitioning
  4. Inertia
  5. Failure to succession plan

First, if I were to retire, I suspect I wouldn’t “lose my identity”. I would just change from a practicing lawyer to a retired lawyer. Sorry, but my identity has been well known to me since my middle life crisis in my forties. I know who I am. I continue to work because I like being useful. 

Second, I am not reluctant to leave. I suppose if I had partners, or was in BigLaw, there would be others who had a say in whether I stayed or went; but, I don’t, and I will leave if I ever want to. It’s about freedom.

Third, I am way past being afraid of what fate might bring me. At age 75, there isn’t a lot fate can do to me. I am already playing with house money. Fear of death? Nope. Like Sinatra, I did it my way. I am prepared to go any time. Just wait until I spend another day or two with the love of my life.

Fourth, inertia is so not my problem. If anything, my failures have been linked to lack of impulse control. Like Steinbeck, in Travels with Charley, I have gone my own way and made decisions easily. When they proved wrong, I pivoted to another path. No regrets.

Fifth, what’s a succession plan? I am solo. No succession required. Plant me in the ground, or put me in an urn. If you want a succession plan, go get a job. 

So, perhaps the question shouldn’t be why lawyers avoid retirement. Perhaps, Ms. Lawyer, you should be asking yourself, why retire at all?

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