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#WhyIAmASolo – Mark Zuckerberg Will Never Be Able To Fire Me In An Email.


Couple Wakes Up To Email Laying Them Off From Meta. Mark Zuckerberg may be worth billions of dollars; but, he can’t fire me. I can work in my chosen profession as long as I want to, and I will never get an email from Mr. Zuckerberg telling me I can’t come to work tomorrow. One of the biggest reasons I became a solo many years ago was to avoid being beholden to another person or persons for my livelihood. I may not have much in the way of monetary wealth; but, I have enough. I may not look at a bank account with millions of dollars in it; but, I have enough. The biggest think I have is freedom and independence from billionaires who make decisions that affect the lives of thousands of other human beings, who just want to have a job and work for their living. In the end, joy in living, and relationships with loved ones are the only thing that matters. Removing toxic persons from your life, even those who share a blood or marriage relationship with you, is one of the most satisfying things you will ever do. So, Mr. Zuckerberg, you may have power over your employees; but, you will never have power over me. And, you will have to live with the decisions you make about other people’s lives. 



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