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#WhyIAmASolo – I Don’t Have To Avoid Controversial Subjects With An Interviewer.


Interviewing – Leave The Dad Jokes At Home. I can tell Dad jokes anytime I want. I don’t have to moderate my humor or my language in a job interview in order to work for a salary or wage at a company controlled by someone else. This advice is in the linked article: “The first thing to keep in mind is to avoid controversial topics, as well as self-deprecating jokes. However, showing that you have self-awareness and can laugh at yourself is key. Consider using humor relevant to your industry when discussing a lesson learned in a past position.” Are you kidding me? If you are having to worry about offending a prospective employer in a job interview, maybe you should reconsider that or any other such employment. It is still possible to go solo as a lawyer right out of school. In fact, it is probably easier, since you don’t need a lot of overhead expenses. With computers and the Internet, you can practice law out of any space. I do it in an old house converted to an office, in a home office that used to be a garage, and in an RV. I remember, in the early days of computing, practicing law in a laundromat at Yosemite National Park. I connected a 300 baud modem to the handset on a payphone, and sent an email. I have crawled under beds in motels to connect a computer to the RJ-11 phone jack. I hate to be the guy who talks about walking miles to go to school ;but, be aware that you really don’t have to get a job to be a lawyer. Sure, you might make a lot of money; but, if you have to dial back your personality and soul to get the job, you have lost something more important than money. Just sayin’. Job interview



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