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Why We Only Travel In An RV.


Our journey to RV travel began with Pandemic worries; but, the other benefits have come with time. Having your own chairs, dishes, clothes, food and other essential items with you all the time is worth the problems. If the toilet clogs, we can’t call maintenance. We have to fix it ourselves. But, when things go wrong, we have a place to sleep wherever we are. And, we aren’t at the mercy of hotel cleaning crews, or other inconveniences. I wish I had a nickel I had to call the front desk for more coffee. And, if you think hotel rooms are clean, you need to do some research. But, the biggest advantage of all is that, in a strange place, whatever goes wrong, we always have a place to relax, or to sleep. And, it is really nice to have a cold drink whenever you want it. Gas is expensive. But, it is cheap when measured against the room rates of most hotels these days. Now, get out there and explore your State. Adventure awaits.No photo description available.



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