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Why Are Hurricane Ian Claims Adjustments So Wrong, Low, and Slow?


What happened to fast and accurate property insurance claim handling? Most Floridians gave insurance companies a chance to do a great job. Many are very disappointed. The above photo depicting roof damage is just one example. 

Look at the photo carefully; you can see tiles are broken all over the roof. How much would you guess that would cost to fix? To be fair, here are more photos:

The policyholder gave me permission to publish the estimate where Slide Insurance Company estimated the main roof damage to be just above $1,100.   

Does Slide have claims directives similar to Heritage, as noted in yesterday’s post, The Heritage Insurance Company Hurricane Ian Quality Assurance Field Update—Why Don’t Insurance Departments and Market Conduct Examiners Ask For These Documents? Was the field adjuster incompetent? Was the field adjuster’s estimate secretly changed by desk adjusters who never visited the loss? 

The bottom line is that this example is one of tens of thousands of poor, slow, and low Hurricane Ian property adjustments. Maybe I only see the problem cases. There sure seem to be more problem adjustments than any storm I can remember. 

Maybe the property claims managers will get the message and make changes. I truly hope so. Otherwise, there will be a great deal of explaining to do in courts and the court of public opinion. 

Thought For The Day 

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