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Where was Wednesday filmed? The glam gothic locations you can visit IRL


When Tim Burton’s deliciously dark drama Wednesday hit Netflix last year it became an instant phenomenon. An invigorating remake of the classic Addams Family, it showcases the deadpan charisma of Jenna Ortega, as Wednesday Addams confronts all of the typical angsty issues facing High School students in Vermont. Except with, you know, more werewolves. 

If, like us, you gazed at all those gorgeously gothic filming locations and thought: “Where was Wednesday filmed?” you’re in luck. Because Wednesday wasn’t actually filmed in Vermont at all. It was instead shot in an entirely different country: Romania, which according to director Tim Burton, was a natural “fit into the Addams Family world.” Apparently, “trying to make Romania look like Vermont,” was an “interesting challenge”, but helped them find “lots of new locations.” Which locations, you ask? Read on for the top Wednesday filming locations you need to visit while exploring the extremely underrated travel destination that is Romania.


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