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Where Do the Supreme Court’s Fifth District Civil Cases Originate (Part 2 – 2000-2009)


With this post, we proceed to the Fifth District’s population and case distribution statistics.

Fresno is the biggest county, with 29.16% of the Fifth’s population.  Following that are Kern County at 26.31%, Stanislaus at 16.12% and Tulare at 13.86%.  Merced has 8.02% of the population, Kings County accounts for 4.79% and Tuolumne County is 1.74%.

Fresno County narrowly led, producing six cases for the civil docket (although things were fairly quiet across the decade.  Kern County produced five cases, Tulare County accounted for four and Kings County had three.  Merced and Stanislaus County had one case each make the Supreme Court’s civil docket.

Next time we’ll wrap up this part of the multi-part post with a look at the data for the Sixth District.

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