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Where Do the Civil Cases from the Second District Reviewed by the Supreme Court Originate (Part II:2000-2009)


This week we’re reviewing the county-of-origin data for the civil docket for the years 2000 through 2009.

First, we compare the populations of the Second District counties which produced cases during the decade.

Du Page County had 30.58% of the population according to the 2010 census.  Lake County had 23.46%.  Kane County accounted for 17.19% and McHenry was 10.3%.  Winnebago had 9.85% of the District’s population and the remaining counties were all at three and change (Kendall) and below.

Not surprisingly, Du Page and Lake accounted for most of the cases too.  Du Page was the only county that produced cases in every year of the decade.  In all, Du Page accounted for 29 cases and Lake County 19 cases.  McHenry County had seven cases, Winnebago and Kane six each, Ogle and Kendall two each and Lee and Kane counties one apiece.

Next up – the Third District data.

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