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What’s up with Norovirus and the Grand Canyon


As of ay June 10, 118 people have become sick with gastrointestinal illness on 16 separate river trips down the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park.

Most of the illness was reported in May, with no new cases reported since June 2.

Grand Canyon National Park has been monitoring the cases that have affected visitors on the Colorado River and also in the backcountry. 

A public health team (a collaboration among Grand Canyon National Park, the National Park Service Office of Public Health, Coconino County Health and Human Services, Arizona Department of Health Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is currently working to address increased reports of gastrointestinal illnesses among river rafters and hikers, according to the park. 

A virtual town hall with river related stakeholders was held June 10. The public health team reviewed what is known about the GI illnesses, thanked the outfitters for their help and diligence and reached out for additional assistance with researching this outbreak.


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