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What’s UK Black Pride? And how can you support the movement?

Pride can be a pretty broad church, and that’s no bad thing. Part celebration, part protest, it sees members from all parts of the LGBTQI+ community come together to assert their rights, honour their cultures, and demand that stark inequities within society are addressed. However, intersectionality provides another lens, in which people are disadvantaged by multiple types of oppression including classism, racism and homophobia. That’s why it’s so heartening to see the rapid expansion of movements such as UK Black Pride.

In August the organisation bounced back from the pandemic in style, hosting its biggest event ever in Queen Elizabeth Olympic park. Over 25,000 attendees enjoyed a diverse mix of music, speakers and artists, in a space where identities and cultures could be expressed joyously and safely. But throwing a huge pride party isn’t all they do throughout the year. I spoke to Team UKBP to learn more about their community, how the event went and what their plans are for the future.

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