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I’m the Senior Partner of the law firm Patton and Patton and a former Kansas State Representative. Those credentials and $2.75 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. (Not currently of course as I hear they are on strike. Yipe, my barista is on strike. Reduced to making my own coffee. Sigh.)

At Patton and Patton, we do Justice and drink lots and lots of coffee. That’s my super power, making pots of coffee disappear.

Practicing my Super Power.

You will find me most weekends if I am not babysitting one of our thirteen grandkids out fly fishing. (not actually catching fish, mind you, just fishing.)

I was on the Colorado river last summer fly fishing, also not catching fish, when I felt this sudden, striking,sting in the middle of my back. Yip, you guess it. Yip, I’m a beginner, you have to start someplace. As the good book says, “don’t despise small beginnings.”

Humble beginnings

I was raised in Kansas City by my stay-at-home Mom and my Dad, an electrical engineer who built every house the family ever lived in, I did not inherit his that talent.

Dad, called ‘Pat” by his friends though his first name was Fred, was in the U.S. Army in World War 2. I asked Dad once what was his highest rank? He said, “Sargent, … several times.” “Several times?” “Got busted for fighting from time to time.” I looked shocked. Dad looked me directly in the eyes,“I was always on the right side of the fights.”

 I am a son of the Great Generation.



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