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What We’re Reading This Week [November 21, 2022]


The Wall Street Journal reports that on November 17, the Biden Administration released new guidelines that may make it easier for student loan borrowers to discharge their debt in bankruptcy. The guidelines from the Justice Department and Education Department delineate specific requirements for borrowers to prove they are experiencing economic distress. The  government will calculate whether a debtor’s expenses equal or exceed a debtor’s income, and if they do, the Justice Department will declare the that the borrower is unable to pay their debts. The guidelines are likely to make it easier for some student loan borrowers to discharge their student loans in bankruptcy (whereas, under the prior system such discharges were virtually impossible).

According to reporting from The Guardian, many top privacy and security executives recently left their positions at Twitter following an all-employee address by new owner Elon Musk in which he suggested that “bankruptcy isn’t out of the question.”  The departures prompted warnings from the Federal Trade Commission, which Twitter previously reached a settlement with in May over privacy issues.

Law360 Reports that NGV Global Group Inc., a Dallas-based company that makes natural-gas run truck engines filed with three affiliates for Chapter 11 in Texas. The debtors claimed more than $50 million in liabilities and $10 million to $50 million in assets.


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