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What Is Sustainable Packaging and How Can it Help Your Business?


In a digital age, finding ways to make physical connections with your customers is important. Not only is the physicality of business something that people care deeply about, but it’s a unique way that you can set your company apart from the competition. One of the best ways that you can create a unique, tangible touch point with your customer that makes a lasting impression is through packaging.

What’s more, is that custom sustainable packaging can not only create this moment of interaction but also do it in a way that promotes global health. Using sustainable packaging shows your customers that they matter and that your company cares about creating a cleaner, healthier future for the world.

If you have been curious about what sustainable packaging is and how combining sustainable packaging with custom mailer boxes can impact your customers – here is everything you need to know.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

To start off, sustainable packaging is normal shipping packaging that has been sourced from either mostly or 100% recycled material. This is a very important option for companies to take seriously that goes far beyond its marketing benefits. Does using sustainable packaging tell your customers that you care about your planet, and is that a positive message that does well? Yes; however, the truth is that the majority of municipal solid waste is composed of packaging and containers. In 2018 alone, 82.1 million tons of waste were accounted for in packaging and containers.

So using sustainable packaging is about more than just a positive marketing ploy; it’s about making a real-world difference and helping to mitigate a crisis of waste that the planet is experiencing. The good news is that finding sustainable packaging isn’t hard, as packaging services like BoxGenie take this issue very seriously.

So what is the impact of combining sustainable packaging and creativity with custom mailer boxes?

Why is Packaging so Important?

When it comes to creating a tangible impact, using sustainable packaging in tandem with creative design and artwork is hard to beat. Packaging is more than just a given when it comes to the experience that people have with their favorite brands and companies. Yes, it plays a very important role in the physical process of getting a product to a customer, but it also represents a unique and valuable opportunity. Utilizing custom mailer boxes allows a company to have a physical touch point with their customer that conveys an important message.

Branded, sustainable, custom mailer boxes provide a chance for brands to make an experience that customers care about. There are a couple of key messages that are conveyed to a customer when their favorite brands create an experience out of the packaging that surrounds their favorite products.

It Conveys Worth

The first thing that a uniquely branded package experience does is it conveys a sense of worth to your customer. This assures them that they really did make the right decision with their investment and shows them that their experience is valued. Custom mailer boxes can actually be an important and impactful part of the customer experience process. By creating a tangible, physical moment that is of value out of the simple packaging that your customers open, you are improving their customer experience.

It Shows Exclusivity

Customers want to feel like they are part of something that is bigger than themselves. The modern consumer has more options and more opportunities to invest than ever before. When they choose a brand or a company to become loyal to, they want to feel like they are a part of something.

This can be seen in the cult-like followings of the biggest brands in the world, like Apple or Nike. When a customer gets their favorite products in a unique packaged experience, it lets them know they are a part of a community and shows exclusivity in a powerful way.

It Shows Creativity and Thought

Customers who become loyal, or customers who are looking for brands to be loyal to, want a relationship. They want to form trust because it’s easier to simply stick with something that is consistent and satisfying than try and find something new. Unique custom mailer boxes, made from sustainable packaging, are a way that brands can do something new and exciting – without changing up their core products or reliability.

Like any relationship, finding ways to keep things feeling new and alive is important. When a brand has loyal customers, creative, thoughtful packaging is a great way they can keep things exciting and new.


Finding ways to make meaningful connections with customers is something that companies and brands are constantly trying to do. By utilizing sustainable packaging, not only can you make a positive impact on your customer, but you can also make a positive impact on the world!


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