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What If They Had A Pandemic, And Nobody Came?


You would think that impending death wasn’t a basic feature of being alive. The insane reactions to the pandemic were, in hindsight, foolishly over reactions, and many lost minutes, and hours, and days, and weeks of quality living due to bureaucratic bungling and overreach. How often, in our lives, do we say, if we knew then what we know now? “Trust the science?”. Perhaps it is a good thing that most of us now have a healthy skepticism for anyone who purports to know what the science says. In any event, we are all going to die anyway. What matters is how we choose to live while we are here.

Put your mask on,

they said, as he entered the store,

by the door.

You need to be careful,

said the flyer posted next to the counter.

The clerk looked like something

out of an alien invasion movie,

wearing a plastic shield

that reflected the light

from the garish fluorescent bulbs

in the ceiling.

He stared at big Xs on the ground,

taped with duct tape

in the color red,

which he supposed meant

it was serious.

Of course, he thought,

it was serious.

Death stalked him every day.

It was one heartbeat away,

or one fall down the stairs,

or one senseless act of violence.

Death was his companion.

He had learned to welcome its breathing

in the night.

Now, death was everywhere.

It screamed at him from the headlines

in the newspaper.

It followed him around,

like a puppy at Christmas.

In the early morning,

death spoke to him,

only after he spent some time

with the coffee.

But, he always knew it was there,

around the corner.

It eyed his wife as well,

speaking under its breath,

with an evil voice

and a muffled rejoinder

about the inevitable suffering

that goes with being human.

As he ran from the store,

ripping the mask from his face,

and screaming in anguish,

he realized that death would be there


He resolved to live today

with a better companion.

Life tended to be easier to talk to.

Life was a happier brother in arms.

Life was his present.

His future

would have to take care of itself. .rickpensivepixio


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