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What drugs disqualify a person from becoming a police officer?


Each agency has their own policy regarding drug use including how long ago the drug use was, the type of drug(s), and the amount used. Of course, any current drug abuse is an automatic disqualifier.

Some agencies do not disqualify applicants for prior marijuana use provided that it has not occurred within the past several years. Most agencies remove candidates who have used drugs such as cocaine, hallucinogens, modern designer drugs, heroin, etc.

In most cases the requirement is that a candidate should not have used any drugs for the past few years, and in most departments any prior drug abuse may be a disqualifier. Some departments do not disqualify applicants for limited experimental use. However, that use only applies to certain drugs and during a certain time frame in that persons past.

If you want to apply for a higher position or start work at a federal level, the requirements are generally much stricter.

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