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WEBINAR: Protecting Your (Human) Resources: Fighting Business Email Compromise and Ransomware


Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 12:30pm ET

HR employees are, willingly or not, the guardians of the company’s most sensitive collection of data—its employee’s personal information. Cybercriminals often perceive the human resources department as the perfect gateway into a company’s employee data goldmine. Many scams and information theft are perpetrated through social engineering. Cybercriminals posing as job applicants, recruiters or new vendors pray on the fact that human resource employees often receive emails and attachments from unknown sources. Conversely, because of the central role that HR plays in employees’ lives, many employees reflexively open emails and attachments that appear to be sent from the HR department. Employees are just one click away from granting fraudsters the access they need to install ransomware or steal login credentials, potentially exposing employees’ sensitive and valuable personal information, and resulting in significant losses and legal exposure for your company.

This webinar will cover:

  • Weapons and techniques fraudsters use to infiltrate company systems and current scam trends
  • Proactive best practices for fraud and information theft prevention
  • E! true HR stories: theft, lawsuits, and the one simple move that would have stopped it all
  • What to do when the perpetrators are in-house

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