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“We Are Getting to Vasil Finish Line” as Node Testing Continues

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson mentioned in a recent tweet, “We are getting to the Vasil finish line” as the countdown to the mainnet launch continues.

Meanwhile, Vasil functionality testing continues on the latest node 1.35.3 after concerns raised in the past week were allayed.

As reported by U.Today, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said during a recent Livestream video that the Vasil HFC does not have any quality issues. Hoskinson stated, “We have high confidence on our end that the engineering behind 1.35.3 is solid.” He also allayed fears by saying that Cardano was not in a crisis, saying, “Things are, for the most part, working.”


Earlier, IOG indicated the three key variables that will be used to time the upgrade’s mainnet rollout. First off, the final Vasil node candidate must produce 75% of the mainnet blocks. Second, about 25 exchanges representing the majority of the available liquidity must be onboarded. Then, the top Cardano-based decentralized applications must also upgrade to node version 1.35.3.

Vasil node testing continues

The most recent weekly development update from Cardano’s IOG noted that testing of the Vasil feature was still taking place in the devnet, preview and preproduction settings. To be ready for mainnet release, it also advised the developer community to update their nodes and other components to the most recent versions.

At the time of writing, CryptoTwitter was awash with news about Vasil Testing and SPOS upgrading to node v.1.35.3. According to a visual representation being shared on Twitter, over 26% of mainnet blocks are currently running on v.1.35.3.

In other positive news, the Cardano community-focused Twitter account, ADA whale, reports that Cardano has been up and running for 1,788 days with no outages or reboots.

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