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Watch Now – “The Perfect Storm: New Privacy Laws & the Cookie-less Future”


Q: Why did hundreds of registrants log on to attend last month’s ACC webcast, “The Perfect Storm: New Privacy Laws & the Cookie-less Future?”

A.: Cookies. Cookies have been used to manage consent for years. The technology is based on open source, and the solutions are either cheap or free with the promise of instant compliance. But times have changed. This approach has been ruled non-compliant in some jurisdictions, and the major issue it addresses (third party cookies) will disappear in 2023. On top of the changes surrounding how consent is gathered, the requirements for notification have also become quite different. In this recent and thought-provoking ACC event, SPB attorneys Kyle Fath and Niloufar Massachi joined Kris Johnston, Rocket Central, and Amalia Barthel, Exterro, to re-think the consent and notification infrastructure and share thoughts on changing it.

In case you missed it, the full recording is now available here.


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