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Walken P2E Platform Releases Walken Runner Game: Details


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Vladislav Sopov

Play-and-exercise-to-earn innovator Walken introduces its pioneering game, Walken Runner


The upcoming Walken Runner is the first on-chain gaming title to be released under the Walken umbrella. It is designed to introduce Web3 games to a new generation of enthusiasts and e-sports professionals.

Walken Runner game goes live: Why is this special?

According to the official announcement shared by the Walken application team, it is releasing Walken Runner, a blockchain-based game with elements of GameFi, RPG and metaverses.

Introduced as a “hyper casual” game, Walken Runner features CAThletes, cat-themed virtual athletes. The gameplay of Walken Runner is quite straightforward: users’ CAThletes run, collect bonuses and boosters, and overcome obstacles to advance the “strength” of the avatar.

At the end of every track, a CAThlete is invited to compete with the final boss of this track. Thus, the gameplay includes elements of character development and progression mechanics. Just like the entire Walken ecosystem, the game is focused on introducing a healthier and more active lifestyle to people across the globe.


Walken CEO Alexei Kulevets highlights the fact that design and the idea of this game looks innovative even for veterans of the GameFi and NFT segments:

We are proud of the current traction of the Walken project and inspired to move on and push the limits. The Walken Runner is our first bold experiment aimed at providing additional value and fun to the community and also expanding token utility. It has all the potential to go viral and be a great addition to the main gameplay.

Technically, the game is also designed to speed up the migration of traders and gamers from the Web2 world to the turbulent and attractive platforms of Web3.

WLKN rewards for best players

To make the Walken Runner experience more profitable for gamers, the Walken team will display leaderboards. The leaderboards will demonstrate player activity throughout weekly-rotating seasons. The most skilled players will be granted WLKN rewards through their applications.

The Walken team is going to create a broader narrative with more impressive value for every user. The activity in the Walken ecosystem will be counted on the leaderboard, together with gaming results.

As covered by U.Today previously, Walken released its new roadmap in mid-September 2022. Per the document, the team is focused on introducing seven localizations to its players.

With its 1.1+ million users, the application remains one of the most popular P2E mobile products of 2022.


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