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Voyager—Bankruptcy Timelines Begin to Slide


A host of reasons can cause bankruptcy timelines to slide—ongoing negotiations, buyers dealing with their lenders, holidays, court scheduling issues, perhaps a dearth of interested buyers, and more. These types of changes are usually more of a stew of events than they are attributable to any single ingredient.

An earlier post included a timetable for the Voyager sale process that contemplated a September 8 hearing to approve one or more sale of assets to an as-of-yet-undetermined bidder or bidders. Voyager also initially planned for a Chapter 11 plan confirmation process that would have a disclosure statement hearing on September 29.

This table summarizes the current timeline adjustments.

Action Old Deadline Current Deadline
Sale Process Timeline    
Deadline to submit Qualified Bids Aug. 26 Sept. 6
Auction begins (if competing bids submitted) Aug. 29 Sept. 13
Deadline to file objections to sale Sept. 6 Sept. 22
Sale Hearing before bankruptcy court Sept. 8 Sept. 29
Plan Confirmation Timeline    
Deadline to object to Disclosure Statement Sept. 9 Sept. 22
Disclosure Statement hearing Sept. 15 Sept. 29
Deadline to object to Plan confirmation Oct. 24 Nov. 8
Confirmation hearing Nov. 1 Nov. 15

There may be future changes, so stay tuned.


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