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Videos On Virtual Learning In Special Education


All students have varied leering needs. Every student must receive an education that fulfils their different needs.

However, it is prime that students with special needs receive instruction that caters to their educational needs specific to their limitations and with the necessary support of all kinds.

The videos below will help you better understand how to teach students with special needs in a virtual environment.

 For Teachers and Tutors: How to Teach Students with Special Needs Online

This video is a taped webinar from Mary Miele. She is a certified special education educator and the author of Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators. Watch this webinar and understand the nuances of teaching students with special needs in an online environment. she has outlined education details for students with different challenges and how educators can cater to those virtually. To do a deeper dive into this topic, educators can take Mary’s online course called “How to Teach Students with Special Needs.”


The Challenge Of Distance Learning For Parents Of Children With Special Needs

This video will take you through the challenges of students with special needs and their parents as they struggle to continue education for their kids at home in virtual mode. You can watch parents share their takes, concerns, and experiences, and teachers share their tips and tricks on continuing education for students with special needs.


Pre Writing Activities for Children with Special needs

The video focuses on pre-writing activities ideal for students with special needs. The activities illustrated can benefit students get better gripping, and mobility with pencil holding and improve concentration. These are simple activities like scribbling, sand play, dot joining and more that students can easily do under parents’ or educators’ supervision.


Online Education Roundtable: Distance Learning And Special Needs

This panel discussion on distance learning for special education focuses on surviving the sudden shift, the challenges associated and how parents and educators can work together to ensure students learning goals are fulfilled.


Top 5 Accommodations During Virtual Learning | How To Teach Special Needs Students Online

Creating virtual content to teach kids with different abilities. This video will help you create content that will cater to varied needs and keep students engaged. watch it to understand how minor changes in content creation can impact online learning for students to a great extent


Small Group Rotations with Moderate/Severe Special Education Students

Kindergarten teacher Deborah Nation shows how teachers can use grouping and rotations to provide instruction addressing the vivid needs of special needs students. you can use these tips in your virtual classrooms and classroom activities during the transition mode.


Students with Disabilities: Special Education Categories

This video is a must-watch for the new teachers in the special education sector. It comprises 14 different categories and classifications of special education students. The different categories are broken down into the following categories: Autism, Deaf-blindness, deafness, developmental delay, emotionally disturbed, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, orthopaedic disability, other health impairment, traumatic brain injury, specific learning disability, speech-language impairment, and visual impairments. The video will help teachers and parents of special education students understand students’ particular needs and how they can meet them. It also covers specific teaching strategies for each category.


Reimagining Disability & Inclusive Education by Jan Wilson

Every single person is unique, with varying skill levels and needs. Focusing on personalized learning for students, she addresses the concern of students being taught the same way. Jan Wilson explores the possibilities of a universal learning design and how every individual can benefit from it. Her teaching and research areas cover disability studies, and the video will help special education educators create education plans for their students.

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