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Unizen Launches Cross-Chain Trade Aggregator for DEXes


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Vladislav Sopov

Unizen, new-gen CeDeFi platform, shares details of its Trade Aggregator v1 release


Unizen, a multi-product cross-chain ecosystem for traders that pioneers the CeDeFi concept, unveils its most crucial development of Q4, 2022, i.e., a holistic interface for noncustodial trading on various blockchains.

Dozens of DEXes on seven blockchains in single interface: Unizen releases Trade Aggregator v1

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Unizen, its Unizen Trade Aggregator’s initial iteration is up and running in mainnet. This release is a critical milestone for Unizen’s roadmap and adoption.

As explained by Martin Granström, chief technology officer (CTO) of Unizen, the new instrument is designed to allow cryptocurrency users to exchange their assets in a noncustodial manner through 60+ DEXes simultaneously.

Unizen provides a seamless technical basis for cross-network asset exchange: for instance, Ethers (ETH) can be exchanged for Binance Coins (BNB) with no cross-chain bridges, intermediaries or wrapping services.


In a couple of clicks, users can therefore access over 1,000 assets on seven blockchains listed by 60 decentralized exchanges. It dramatically reduces the exposure of average users to phishing attacks, scams, bridge hacks, flash loan attacks and so on.

Meanwhile, the interface of Unizen Trade Aggregator v1 is as intuitive as that of single-blockchain DEXes Uniswap (UNI), PancakeSwap (CAKE) and so on.

More innovations to be unveiled in coming months

The Unizen team stressed that many new important functions will be added to Trade Aggregator in the next releases to advance its usability, profitability and newbie-friendliness:

We will continue to add on data sources, liquidity pools, and supported assets. We will also introduce trade splitting across liquidity pools and blockchains in a few weeks. In addition to that we will look to introduce CEX aggregation, stop-loss, custom liquidity pools, professional technical analysis tools, more unique trading insights, fiat conversions, token burns, and furthering ZCX’s utility — this list can be made longer.

As such, the Unizen team asks its clients to provide all types of feedback to diclose bugs and patch them, as well as to supercharge the next versions of Trade Aggregator with more impressive instruments.

As covered by U.Today previously, to highlight its commitment to global expansion, Unizen appointed Michael Healy, DAO innovator and Unit Network key figurehead, as its chief strategy officer.

In Q1, 2022, Unizen raised funds from Jun Capital to fund the next phases of its progress.


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