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Top Five Reasons To Buy An RV Instead Of A Rooftop Camper.


I see a lot of Pinterest posts about turning a Van into a camper. There are ingenious ways to get a little space for some creature comforts on the road. Recently, I actually saw a roof top tent, that had carbon fiber sides and a glass front. It lays flat until you raise it in a diamond shape to reveal a sleeping area on top. It occurred to me that it would be impossible to practice law inside that camper van; not to mention the problem of climbing in and out of the rooftop tent 3 or 4 times in the middle of the night. If you don’t know why a camper might have to make that journey, you are probably under 50 years old. In any event, I considered the reasons I wanted and needed a full sized RV: 1. Air conditioning. If you don’t think that is an essential, you don’t live in Florida in the summer. 2. An office chair, desk, and big screen monitor. It is called a mobile office, and some equipment is essential. 3. A bathroom and toilet and shower. No peeing by the side of the road for me. 4. Hot water. I took enough cold showers living in tents in the Army. 5. A Queen or King sized bed. If you ever slept with a woman, you know what I am talking about. So, the extra money for gas that an RV costs, and the fact that they are difficult to drive and park, is a small price to pay. Rooftopcamper Rooftopcamper


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