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Toon Finance Launches Multi-Product DeFi and NFT Ecosystem


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Vladislav Sopov

Toon Finance attempts to change narrative in complex Web3 systems as it merges benefits of NFT and DeFi products


Launched in 2022 by a heavy-hitting team of blockchain professionals, Solidity engineers and angel investors, Toon Finance is focused on bringing a new experience to every Web3 enthusiast regardless of his/her level of expertise in crypto.

Toon Finance Web3 ecosystem pushes barriers of decentralization

Since its first release in Q1, 2022, the Toon Finance ecosystem attempts to merge the offerings of the hottest segments of the cryptocurrency realm, i.e., decentralized finances, non-fungible tokens, play-to-earn protocols and metaverses.

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With Toon Finance, crypto holders can leverage all of the latest developments of blockchain technology in one place. Without leaving its interface, Toon Finance users can list and trade NFTs, exchange cryptocurrencies in a decentralized, noncustodial manner, and bridge assets between various blockchains.

Toon Finance is maintained by an anonymous team, which is why its development and marketing progress is fully community driven. Its users and tokenholders are able to have a say in decentralized voting mechanisms.


Both play-to-earn and decentralized exchange (DEX) modules of Toon Finance are 100% permissionless and can be used by all cryptocurrency investors with no geo-restrictions imposed. Toon Finance’s DEX does not control users’ keys or coins.

To create an additional layer of competitiveness, the Toon Finance team launched Leaderboards. This instrument displays the most profitable players and NFT traders in real time.

What is TFT, audited token of community-driven project

Toon Finance’s technical design is underpinned by SHA-256, the strongest encryption algorithm in the cryptocurrency sphere. That is why both the project and its token are protected from all types of vulnerabilities.

TFT, a first-ever native cryptocurrency of Toon Finance, is poised to be a building block of its economic design. The token has already been added by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, two major cryptocurrency tracking platforms.

TFT token is also envisaged to be an additional value-creating mechanism alongside Toon Finance’s non-fungible tokens. This dual-layer design makes Toon Finance’s usage comfortable for investors with various strategies.

Toon Finance Token (TFT) can be purchased with Ethers directly through MetaMask and TrustWallet services. A presale button is placed on Toon Finance’s main webpage.


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