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TikTok is a Legitimate and Powerful Broadcast and Engagement Medium for Law Firms


TikTok is real for those law firms and lawyers looking to connect with their audience in a real and authentic fashion.

I am a month into watching TikTok over my morning coffee. Strange as TikTok looked when I started watching, I now get it.

TikTok is a broadcasting and media distribution medium that is as real and as impactful as any form of traditional media. More impactful with younger people.

According to the Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute, TikTok is the fastest growing social network in terms of news consumption.

As a result, news publishers and producers are building successful news presences on TikTok.

TikTok’s algoritms based on the broadcasters (those doing videos) I watch and select to follow – as well as the subjects I follow – are providing me information and insight that I am interested in.

The format is intriguing.

I can turn on the TV, the scheduled version of which is becoming antquitated, and see news and interview shows. I get what the news producer produces and selects without any knowledge of my interests.

Takes a lot of time to watch TV, with all the commercials, and I don’t see near as much as on TikTok. I look the TikTok format better as well.

TikTok users are watching TikTok, on average, 90 minutes a day. I’m far from that, but with my knowledge of how much TV (scheduled or streaming) Americans watch, much of it junk (in my opinion), I get the TikTok attraction.

I’m seeing lawyers, former presidents, interviews of musicians I respect, senators, entrepreneurs and others whose brief talks or interviews I enjoy.

This morning I saw a brief 60 Minutes’ interview with Billy Joel. An entertainer on a news show, both I enjoy, delivered in a brief and entertaining fashion – an interview I’d not have not seen but for TikTok.

TikTok is tailored video or television on one’s iPhone or iPad.

TikTok falls in the creator economy, verus the traditional media produced economy. I trust these “creators” as people and I trust and enjoy the informal format, as compared to the tradional.

Lawyers and law firms have show that’s trust can be established with followers on the net. Whether it be blogging, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, your trusted insighted has allowed you to connect with your target audience.

As lawyers and law firms you now need to start studying TikTok, watching it, playing with it, and be ready to start using it.

TikTok is real.


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