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This Prominent Bitcoiner Can’t Buy The Dip if BTC Drops to $15,000, Here’s Why


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Yuri Molchan

This vocal Bitcoiner admits he has no spare cash to buy Bitcoin if it drops to $15,000


Son of a famous Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff – Spencer Schiff – unlike his father, is a Bitcoin believer.

Last year, he tweeted that he had gone all in on Bitcoin from gold favored by his father. The two Schiffs often have heated discussions about BTC on Twitter.

Now, Spencer Schiff has tweeted that should the flagship cryptocurrency go down to $15,000 now, he would be unable to buy any on the dip.

No dollars to buy Bitcoin dip

Investor and Bitcoiner Mike Alfred has taken to his Twitter handle to ask if any of his followers would opt to buy more BTC should the leading crypto plunge further and hit the $15,000 level.


No “big Bitcoiners” responded, except for Peter Schiff’s son, who is protecting BTC in front of his father, gold bug, as if he were one of the OG.

Spencer stated that if it happens about now, he would be able to buy zero Bitcoin as he does not have US dollars to do that. Presumably, because he has invested all his spare cash in BTC already.

He pointed out, though, that he would be able to buy more Bitcoins in a few months from now.

Peter Schiff unwillingly promotes Bitcoin

Notably, Peter Schiff is a well-known fund manager, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and founder of SchiffGold. Despite his anti-Bitcoin stance, he often posts tweets about BTC.

Recently head of Binance, CZ, thanked him for sharing his frequent mentions of Bitcoin to his 809,000 audience on Twitter.

At press-time, the king crypto Bitcoin is trading $19,807 after it fell below $20,000 on August 26. On that day, chairman of the US Fed Reserve, Jerome Powell, delivered a speech where he stated that the Fed would stick to its hawkish strategy for the time being in an attempt to tame the inflation.


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