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Is a charge of $1.75 for extra dipping sauce for fries too much? If so, don’t get it. If so, don’t patronize the establishment at all. If so, complain about it all you want to friends, neighbors and your tribe on the insta. Do a TikTok if you must, but don’t do this.

If you’re thinking the trope that if women were in power, there would be no war, this might disabuse you of your sexist vision. In any event. a great deal of damage was done.

The furious French fry fiasco unfolded July 3, when Pearl Ozoria, 27, Chitara Plasencia, 25, and Tatiyanna Johnson, 23, were asked to pay $1.75 for extra dipping sauce, staff claims.

The women went ballistic, tearing down the plexiglass COVID guard along the counter, ripping out the cash register and hurling glass bottles and stools at the employees, viral video of the episode showed.

The damage wasn’t merely to property, which we’re reliably informed isn’t violence anyway because of insurance.

Employee Maria Baez, 33, who needed a staple in her head after being struck by one of the tablet cash registers, said she hasn’t left her house since the incident.

Was there no one at Bel Fries to defend the joint?

“I felt so angry because I couldn’t do anything. These are ladies,” said fry cook Rafael Nunez, 38, who captured the insanity on his phone. “I had knives in the shop, but I can’t use those. Recording was the only way to defend myself.”

They were, from all outward appearances, ladies, even if there was no discussion of how they otherwise identified. And it is possible, from outward apperances, that they were “of color.” What was Nunez to do? Granted, his doubts about using a knife against three women hurling glass bottles at the heads of his co-workers were not entirely unfounded, but confront them? Physically restrain them? Would he have been the hero or gone viral as a man who physically attacked helpless women of color who were expressing their truth in the language of the marginalized?

But there was another reason why neither 23-year-old owner, Annalee Schlossberg, nor her employees jumped into the mix to try to stop the three women from destroying the shop.

She was appalled at the onlookers who appeared to revel in the chaos.

“I’m barely five feet tall. I couldn’t defend myself,” she said. “I’ve never felt so cornered and attacked. My coworkers couldn’t jump in otherwise the whole crowd may have come at them.”

“I told Annalee I’m still afraid,” she added. “I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.”

The crowd? There was a crowd of people in the store watching as three animals women engaged in destruction and, rather than stop them, or at the very least be shocked and appalled at this behavior, they “reveled”?

Just as bad were the more than 20 people who celebrated the mayhem and did nothing to stop it, said Bel Fries proprietor Annalee Schlossberg.

“Not only were [the women] crazy, destructive animals, but everyone just stood by and watched,” the 23-year-old entrepreneur said. “Everyone outside was recording and laughing and cheering on the girls, which is the most disgusting part.”

While standing by and doing nothing as people engage in violence is a time-honored New York tradition, cheering it on is different matter. Three violent angry women destroying property and harming people who did them no harm isn’t much of a reflection on society. There are, and always will be, bad people who do bad things to others, and they come in all sexes and races.

But the idea that there was a gallery of Bel Fries patrons, presumably people who enjoyed what Schlossberg and Baez, with blood dripping down her head, were selling sufficiently to patronize the store, and yet the moment mayhem broke out, they not only chose not to side with the store they were patronizing but found it fabulous that these three were destroying the shop and harming its staff? This provides a broader insight into the sensibilities of these people, that they would cheer violence and destruction even as they were there to buy fries. This is what they found “fun” and “cool”?

And this wasn’t the worst story in the New York Post yesterday.


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