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These 3 Cardano-Based Projects Are Crucial for Ecosystem, Here’s Why


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Arman Shirinyan

Cardano is massive ecosystem with large number of actively developed projects, and some of them are crucial for its success

Cardano is a massive ecosystem consisting of thousands of projects, and missing some of them is extremely easy, especially for community members who are not following the accounts of smaller projects.

DJED launch and DjedPay

DJED algorithmic stablecoin has been one of the most discussed projects on Cardano since the Luna catastrophe. Users separated into two camps: ones who believe algorithmic stablecoin backing is doomed to fail and those who believe that Cardano will handle the pressure that UST could not.

In their most recent post, Djed developers released a screenshot of DjedPay, which is a payment solution that would be available after the launch of the stablecoin in January 2023.

Optim Finance’s bonds

Previously, we covered the most recent launch of Optim Finance’s decentralized yield products that included Liquidity Bonds and are upcoming in the future Strategy Vaults. Decentralized passive investment solutions are practically the backbone of the DeFi industry, which is expected to become the main growth fuel for Cardano in the future.

Cross-chain SpectrumLabs

The launch of the first eUTxO-based decentralized exchange would be a huge milestone for Cardano to reach, and the community’s excitement confirms it. According to the official announcement, only 27% is left until the launch of Spectrum on Cardano mainnet.

Prior to the release on Cardano mainnet, the SPF token would be launched by Spectrum. Around the same period, users are expecting the launch of Yield Farming on Ergo. Spectrum’s colleagues at Optim Finance have previously described the importance of DeFi industry development as their products are highly dependent on the number of active projects on the network and will not work without the active development of projects like SpectrumLabs.


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