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The Vince Perri Interview of Chip Merlin


Vince Perri is a public adjuster who has a YouTube channel, The Claims Game Podcast, and has started an education and training course for public adjusters. Vince recently came to our Tampa office and interviewed me on a number of property insurance claims topics of the day, which you can see in a video, The Current State and the Future of Public Adjusting.

We spoke about a broad range of topics, including:

  1. The dearth of quality and intensive public adjusting training for new public adjusters;
  2. The Apprentice program for public adjusters in Florida;
  3. The origin of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters;
  4. Managed Repair
  5. Preferred Contractors;
  6. Insurance Gaps Impacting Public Adjusters and Restoration Contractors;
  7. How Citizens Property Insurance has become the leader in changing policies with gaps of coverage and its close relationship with the rest of the insurance industry;
  8. State Farm Aftermarket Case With Judge Bias;
  9. New Attorneys Fee Statute;
  10. The Lobbying Army of The Insurance Industry;
  11. The New Paradigm of Public Adjusting in a Managed Repair World;
  12. The Efforts of United Policyholders and Others Fighting the Insurance Gap Problem;
  13. The need for public adjusting leadership to raise the bar of qualifications and training of the public adjusting trade;
  14. My criticism of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and The Insurance Commissioner;
  15. The need for public adjusters and restoration contractors to participate in local politics;
  16. The Insurance Marketplace and the need for insurers to be profitable;
  17. My appointment and work as part of an attorney dream team on the Champlain Towers Collapse;
  18. The need to find ways to get insurance coverage paid faster;
  19. How I started in the property insurance law field 40 years ago and then started my policyholder firm in 1985;
  20. The experiences of having a national property insurance practice;
  21. Fraud by insurance companies against policyholders and the need for the American Policyholders Association;
  22. Writing Pay Up!
  23. Writing Mavericks & Merlins: Sailors And Renegades Leave Shore, What About You? and my experiences racing sailboats;
  24. This Blog and my personal writing about topics of interest in the property insurance field;
  25. How educating others makes me a better lawyer for policyholders.

Vince Perri has written a book for public adjusters. I bought the digital and hard copy edition of his Public Adjuster Handbook. The book is a basic discussion about a number of adjustment and business issues facing public adjusters. Vince Perri’s seminars often delve much deeper into the business aspects of public adjusting.

I thank Vince for asking me to appear on his show and taking the time to discuss some important topics within the property insurance industry.

Thought For The Day

A lot of times the interview relies not so much on the interviewee, but on the interviewer.
—Ernie Johnson, Jr.


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