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The ultimate (sustainable) Europe packing list


You can’t create a Europe packing list without considering the variety of electronic devices by your side. But don’t worry, we’re not just guna advise you to pack your phone and a tablet. We reckon there are a few accessory essentials you haven’t thought of yet. Such as…

Packing cubes: Heard of these guys? Not only do they keep everything nice and compact in your case/bag, they also are a great way to categorise your stuff on the move. When you’re scrambling on the floor of a hotel/hostel with 2 minutes til’ checkout, it’s nice to know where your underwear is, ya’know? 

Power bank: Nothing worse than being lost on the streets of Paris or Rome and your phone dying. Buy one with a big capacity (they’re pretty sleek these days) and charge that bad boy up.

Universal plug adaptor: Not sure which countries accept which plug type on your trip to Europe? Save yourself the research and get a universal adaptor that covers all the bases.

Kindle or other e-reader: This has to be one my favourite travel essentials of all time. Long gone are the days of lugging around hardbacks I picked up at the airport. 1 small device. Hundreds of poolside reads. The perfect travel companion.

Tote bag: Let’s be honest, you’ll totes be shopping in places like Milan, Paris and London. So say no to single-use plastics, and bring along a tote bag. (It looks better anyway).

Water bottle: Speaking of single-use plastics, did you know that 88% of the sea’s surface is polluted by plastic waste? Water in Europe is generally incredibly clean, safe and delicious. So, yeah, bring a reusable water bottle. Think of the baby turtles, man.

Padlock: If you’re staying at a hostel when backpacking Europe, there may be lockers for your valuables. So bringing a small padlock is always a good idea.

Earplugs: Another good one for hostels. We don’t want you locked up abroad for murdering a snorer.



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