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The Kindle Is Dead, Long Live The Kindle Scribe.


Amazon Kindle Scribe Review. I love my beautiful color Samsung Galaxy Tablet and my beautiful Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. I can access anything on the Internet on them, and run dozens of Android apps that can keep me occupied for hours. When I don’t want to be interrupted or go off on an Internet tangent that keeps me in a Google trance, I read on my tiny little Kindle PaperWhite. But, I hate the tiny screen, and I am soon drawn back to the color screens. But, during the day, I need to keep notes about my client conferences, and have to keep a daily calendar that I write on to keep track of the day, with its twists and turns, and cancelled meetings and hearings, etc. etc. So, I got an EInk tablet that has all sorts of bells and whistles, and I can write on all day, and is an Android tablet; albeit with a monochrome screen. But, I only need a basic note taking screen, and a basic screen for my daily calendar. So, when I discovered Amazon’s new 10.1 inch Kindle Scribe, that combined Kindle’s beautiful reading screen with note taking ability, I jumped at it. Yes, the note taking is basic; but, hey, my needs for that are basic. Now, if I don’t want to be distracted by the Internet, and I want to read the Stoic philosophers,  or the great literature of history, or lose myself in a Sherlock Holmes mystery, I have them all in my hand. And, if I have to take notes during a client conference, I just click a button, and I can always go back to Sherlock if I want. The tiny Kindle and the Boox Note Air are now relegated to Rick’s land of misfit gadgets, to be taken out and played with occasionally. Life is short. He who has the most gadgets wins.

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