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The Joyful Lawyer – You Get To Choose.


Be A Joyful Lawyer. This is a great article by Jim Vickaryous in the Florida Bar Journal. He talks about being a joyful lawyer, and showing that joy to the world. It is a thesis that I try to practice, and to show via my blog and other social media. Even though my poetry talks about death and dying a lot, the purpose is the same. As Stoics, we believe that fate will have its way with us, and sometimes the results will be tragic, or terrible. The choice, however, as to how to react, is ours. Find and manifest joy, whatever happens. It is the only rational response. I came late in life to this realization. You get to make the choice now. One of my favorite movies, It’s A Wonderful Life, shares this message. It is too bad that many of us watch the movie at Christmas time, only to forget its lesson the remainder of the year. As with all things, habit rules. Get into the habit of smiling and being joyful no matter what happens. My favorite line from the movie? “I’m going to jail. Isn’t it wonderful!” VickaryousJames250-150x150 (1)


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