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The Gift.


Every Christmas, our custom is to give and receive gifts. They are an expression of love and generosity, and can be mundane or meaningful. They can be magical or ordinary. Our desires change over a lifetime. What will you give this Christmas, and what will you receive?

As the years passed,

his desires changed.

In his youth,

he wanted transportation,

a Schwinn bicycle

that gave him a way to escape

his mundane life.

He was able to navigate the neighborhood

and be free,

as long as he was home before dark.

As he aged, he wanted gifts of music,

which came on tape,

and required a reel to reel tape recorder.

The music was his vehicle

to new worlds,

captured by radio,

recorded on thin plastic tapes.

They were his highway to heaven.

When he grew older,

he wanted freedom

to go anywhere,

and his favorite gifts

had four wheels,

and big engines,

and brought him to ball games

and dates.

They were big enough to take him

places that lasted,

for months at a time.

Then, in the blink of an eye,

he grew old.

His favorite gift took human form.

She was a relentlessly happy,




who made him realize

that he didn’t want

to go anywhere,

anymore. .rickpensivepixio


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