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The Big 5 Personality Traits NYPD Psychologists use in Psychological Screening


This Manual provides consistency for  psychological evaluations and the criteria used by psychologists, both within and across law enforcement agencies.

NYPD Psychologists consider the following Big Five Personality Traits when deciding a candidate’s qualification:

Is the candidate dependable, organized, thorough, persistent, prudent and goal oriented. Does the candidate follow rules and norms.

Emotional Stability:
Is the candidate emotionally stable, calm, self-assured and even-tempered.

Is the candidate sociable, energetic and assertive with a positive attitude.

Openness to Experience:
Is the candidate intelligent, curious, analytical, broadminded, creative and insightful.

Is the candidate courteous, likeable, nurturing, polite and easy-going.

Review this Manual for more information regarding the NYPD Psychologists use of the California POST Manual: Peace Officer Psychological Screening by clicking the following link:

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