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Thailand is the world’s best digital nomad destination. Here’s why…

This diverse nation ain’t just about the beaches. The capital Bangkok is a sizzling, scintillating city filled with ridiculously vibrant nightlife, awesome (and great value) hotels and delicious street food (you haven’t had Pad Thai until you’ve had it at Thip Samai).

To the north, flanked by forests and mountaintop temples, you’ll find the calmer charms of Chiang Mai – a serene and spiritual city that completely stole my heart. Then there’s Chiang Rai, an ideal base camp for excursions to temples and rainforests, or Pai, a hippy haven where you can do a spot of yoga and meditate to your heart’s content. Basically, this place is packed with spectacular cities and towns that are begging to be explored. I don’t recommend staying put in one spot for too long (you’re supposed to be a nomad, remember).


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