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Tesla Records 343,000 Vehicles Deliveries in the Third Quarter of 2022


Tesla has released its 2022 third-quarter vehicle manufacturing and delivery figures. Deliveries for the third quarter of 2022 total 343,000, while production was 365,000. Additionally, Tesla reported that during Q3, the company manufactured 345,988 of its more well-liked Model 3 and Y vehicles and 19,935 of its more expensive Model S and X vehicles.

Total production has climbed since the previous quarter of 2022 when Tesla reported making 258,580 vehicles. Last year in the same quarter, Tesla recorded 254,695 vehicle deliveries and 237,823 vehicles produced, but just 8,941 of those were Model S and X vehicles, the company’s more premium sedan and SUV with falcon-wing doors, respectively.

Rising commodity prices, managerial turnover (including the prominent resignation of AI chief Andrej Karpathy in July), and growing pains at its new factories in Texas and Germany were some of the challenges Tesla encountered in the third quarter of 2022.


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