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TasksBoard – Project Management For Google Calendar.


TasksBoard When I was doing a lot of litigation, and more of everything else, I was an early adopter of case management systems. The best, in the beginning, was Amicus Attorney. Now, everything is in the cloud, and there are a lot of case management systems that can get the job done. One of my favorite Amicus functions was the ability to create a template for different kinds of matters that integrated with the calendar, and allowed the automatic reminder of the status of a case, and what needed to be done. It was project management for law. For instance, probate administration requires a set list of date requirements, such as 90 days for creditor’s claims, 30 days for the filing of the Inventory after the issuance of Letters of Administration, and so on. In Amicus, a lawyer could create a template with tasks linked to dates that could be loaded at inception. Then, the required tasks would pop up when required on the calendar. Tasksboard allows the creation of lists for different sets of tasks that is connected to Google Calendar, and syncs with it. I haven’t played with it yet; but, you can try a free version that allows 5 lists of tasks, and I might just see how well it works in a law environment. It doesn’t look like tasks can be linked; but being able to have several different lists to categorize differences might be useful. 



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