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Stay Connected Anywhere With Starlink.


The Committee on Technology will be doing an all day seminar again at the Florida Bar Convention next year. I have convinced the Committee to allow me to do an update of last year’s Traveling in an RV and remote lawyering. I will be focusing on the rapid advances in tech for keeping connected on the road. As an example, I am loving Elon Musk’s Starlink system, which gets better every day. I mounted the dish on the top of the RV and, when I pulled in to my spot this afternoon, I connected power, and immediately had broad band Internet at almost 600 Mbps up, which is enough for a full household of Internet, and TV streaming. We have two TVs, with Roku sticks, 2 computers, 2 Smartphones, and various other stuff going on. I won’t be doing too much work this week, as we are going to have some fun; but, I brought scans of documents from a new probate matter, and I might work on the documents a little. The cool thing about Starlink is that, when it is fully deployed, users can literally have broadband Internet anywhere in the world. Starlinkrvdown


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