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Starlink Configured And Running. Ultra Wide Band Anywhere.

The StarLink antenna is now permanently mounted on the RV, and will serve as an excellent option on the road for broadband Internet access. Because the RV is parked in my office parking lot when we aren’t on the road, I have installed a sewer dump, and a 30 Amp connection at the back of the office. I keep reminding Diane that, if she kicks me out, I have a place to live. Anyway, because the Starlink Dish is within 20 feet of my office at the front of my building, I also can use it for broadband at work. I could probably save a lot of money using Starlink exclusively: $50 a month for my MiFi cellular modem with T-Mobile, and $80 a month for Cable broadband from Spectrum. But, I am a big believer in redundancy, and I no longer have a problem if one of the three services goes down. I now have broadband Internet capability anywhere in the Continental U.S. This post is being written from my office using the Starlink connection, and it is FAST. 20220820_113013 20220820_113013 20220820_113013


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