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“Solana Killer” Aptos Gets Exposure to 25 Million Users via This Integration


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Gamza Khanzadaev

Much-hyped blockchain achieves integration into Binance ecosystem wallet

A new update to the Trust Wallet noncustodial hot wallet has included integration of the Aptos blockchain, the launch of which has caused quite a stir recently. Users now have the ability to connect to decentralized applications in the Aptos ecosystem directly through Trust Wallet. It is worth mentioning that the wallet’s user base, which is part of Binance’s extensive product network, is estimated at 25 million users.

In addition to Trust Wallet, another major Binance-affiliated project plans to add Aptos support. This is PancakeSwap, which has already launched a vote to deploy Aptos. If the community supports the vote, which appears to be a done deal given that 97.71% of the vote is in favor so far, swaps, farming, liquidity pools and possibly an Aptos network for the CAKE token will appear on DEX.

Aptos (APT) tokenomics nuances

Two days after its controversial listing on key crypto exchanges, the price of APT, a native blockchain token, came in at $7.35. This price brings the capitalization of the project — founded by former Diem employees, the blockchain arm of Meta — to just under a billion dollars. Thus, in the ranking of the largest cryptocurrencies by capitalization, APT ranks in 51st place. That said, APT’s total supply equals 1 billion tokens, of which 822 million are in staking and only 130 million tokens are in circulation.


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