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Silicon Valley Chip Startup Cerebras Reveal AI Supercomputer


Silicon Valley startup Cerebras Systems launched Andromeda, an AI supercomputer that is now accessible for both commercial and academic study. The company is best known in the industry for its dinner plate-sized chip designed for artificial intelligence work.

16 Cerebras CS-2 systems, the most recent AI computer from the company centered on the large chip known as the Wafer-Scale Engine 2, are connected to create Andromeda.

They’re a bigger machine. We’re not beating them. They cost $600 million to build. This is less than $35 million,” said Cerebras founder and CEO, Andrew Feldman.

He also stated that while complex nuclear simulations and weather simulations have typically been run on 64-bit double-precision computers, this is a computationally expensive format, thus academics are investigating if AI algorithms can eventually equal such results.

Based on a precision of 16-bit floating point format, Cerebras claims Andromeda can execute 1 exaflop of AI computation – or at least one quintillion (10 to the power of 18) operations per second.


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